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FREE Trial of SMART digital licensing software

Why do I need SMART?

Live Data

Real-time data is instantly available to the company, whether a key is injected or not

Automated Re-injection of Digital Product Keys (DPKs)

Retail returns and the pain of finding the original key are a thing of the past with SMART. This makes a 5-10 minute manual process in to a few second automated process.

Duplicate Injection Protection

Prevention of putting 1, 2, 3 or 10 licenses on 1 computer. The record we have seen so far is 5 licenses on 1 computer in 1 day


A completely unique feature by SMART. We can certify the Windows load and version, that a MAR Digital Product Key (DPK) has been used, the BIOS version, which country the unit was refurbished in and lastly, that all drivers are present. This ensures peace of mind when shipping and closes the reuse loop back to the client 

Digital MAR Injection

How current Digital Injection tools work

Data can not be accessed until Computer Build Reports (CBRs) are uploaded

This can take 1-14 days

This is how the SMART tool works

Real-time data is instantly available to the company, whether a key is injected or not

What happens next?

Complete digital MAR solution

To buy SMART digital licensing software you will want to become a Third Party Refurbisher (TPR) and you will also want to buy Digital MAR Licenses. SMART is a per-usage subscription billing, where we will invoice you at the end of the month for all injections.

Please follow this link and read the Terms and Conditions for implementing SMART as agreement of the Terms and Conditions is a condition of getting the 1-month FREE trial of SMART (Worth $260).

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher 

The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program is tailored to meet the needs of the largest device refurbishers in the world.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Being a Microsoft Gold Certified partner allows us to deliver technical support, attain latest training and certifications and have a close working relationship with Microsoft.

Microsoft Innovation Award 2021

Recognition of Global Resale’s outstanding collaboration and innovative development on their SMART digital licensing software for the broader refurbisher channel.